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Micro Electric & Scientific Works is an internationally renowned company, based in India and serving customers all over the World. In the 26 years of its individual existence and the 65 years since the founding of the mother company, Micro Electric & Scientific Works is proud to have had the honour and opportunity to serve a huge number of happy, satisfied & loyal customers.
Our strong and focused consumer branding, millions of loyal customers, business partners and hardworking dedicated associates make us an outstanding company and a market leader in all of our markets..

How to Get Best View?

Set the microscope to use the objective lens with the lowest power. Adjust the microscope’s light so that it uses enough illumination to view the bacteria, but not so much that it washes out the bacteria specimens.
Adjust the eyepieces if you’re using a binocular microscope. Unlock the eyepieces and adjust the distance between them so that you can view the bacteria with a single binocular image. Lock the eyepieces in place once you have properly adjusted them.


The Crew

The founders of MESWOX have been committed to providing both professional and amateur users with premium quality instruments at the lowest possible price since 1952.

Quality Assurance
Our products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality control standards, and are made by the same technicians, on similar production lines, that make optical instruments for Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, and Olympus.