Serum Centrifuge (Clinical doctor) Microprocessor Based, Digital Model No: T-3 BLD

Serum Centrifuge (Clinical doctor) Microprocessor Based, Digital Model No: T-3 BLD



Most useful for Pathological labs. Brushless, Maintenance free A. C. Motor without Carbon. Maximum speed 2850 rpm. Digital timer 0-59 minutes, digital rpm meter, LCD display. Speed is controlled through microprocessor based speed controller from 500 rpm upto 2850rpm. The body is made of rust free, full plastic moulding with stainless steel protection. Prices are completed with one rotor head to be selected by customer

  • The best model for clinical, Pathological, Biochemistry Labs to separate blood serum
  • It is also most suitable for I.V.F. labs where low speed is recommended.


  • Bench top Digital Microprocessor based Serum centrifuge Machine with LCD display
  • The body is made of rust proof ABS injection moulding with metalic protection bowl.
  • Fitted with microprocessor based pre programable speed controller to control speed from
  • 500 – 3000 r.p.m. in the interval of 250 r.p.m.
  • Digital Timer 0-99 minutes
  • 2 lines of 16 character LCD display of r.p.m., R.c.f, set time and run time
  • Programme remains in memory and displays on LCD. Just push start button and
  • the machine will run on programmed time and speed.
  • To work on 220 volts 50 Hz A. C.
  • The machine comes with only one rotor head which is to be selected by
    customer from below mentioned table.
Type Nos. of holes x Tube volume
Swing out 8x15ml
Swing out 16 x vacuutainers
Swing out 16 x 12 x 75mm / 12x100mm borosil tubes
Angle 12 x 15ml.

Dimension of Machine : L = 395mm W = 360mm H = 280mm
Weight of Machine : 12.5kg. Approx.
Gross weight of Machine : 14 kg. (with box)


  • The above mentioned rotor heads are completed with S.S. tube carriers,
    suitable Glass/PVC centrifugal tubes, head puller, spanner and rubber cushions.
  • Machine is well packed in 5 ply corrugated box.


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