Micro Electric & Scientific Works is an internationally renowned company, based in India and serving customers all over the World. In the 26 years of its individual existence and the 65 years since the founding of the mother company, Micro Electric & Scientific Works is proud to have had the honour and opportunity to serve a huge number of happy, satisfied & loyal customers.

Our strong and focused consumer branding, millions of loyal customers, business partners and hardworking dedicated associates make us an outstanding company and a market leader in all of our markets

The father of microscopy in India

The Late Mr H L Kapoor had founded the original company in the year 1952. Micro Electric & Scientific Works now helmed ably & admirably by his grandson, Mr Deepak Mehra was carved out as a distinct separate entity in 1979
to serve as a super speciality Microscopy solution provider to the World.

Company History

Founded in 1952

by the Late Mr H L Kapoor, who is fondly referred to as the “Father of Microscopy in India”, the company grew from strength to strength becoming one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of complete ranges of Scientific and Educational products. The effort was crowned by the recognition, awards and commendations received from the Government of India and other varied institutions for his work. Mr Jawaharlal Nehru, then Prime Ministerof India had personally appreciated and commended Mr H L Kapoor for his sterling pioneering work and entrepreneurship.

In 1992

The era of specialisation started, it was decided to carve out the Microscopy manufacturing division of the company as a separate and distinct entity to super-specialise in providing Microscopy solutions for optical diagnostic and inspection systems in science, medicine, industry, education and whichever field needed it henceforth.

In 2015

Mr Deepak Mehra was raised and groomed by Mr H L Kapoor in his own spirit of pioneering perfection and indefatigable entrepreneurship, which is now further imbibed in every decision of the company itself. Micro Electric & Scientific Works solemnly pledges to maintain and improve the standard of manufacture and quality of service on an ongoing everyday basis.


Today in a bid to retain the glory of her founder and keep the great heritage alive, Mr Deepak Mehra, the grandson of Mr H L Kapoor, ably helms Micro Electric & Scientific Works, zealously guarding and building upon the brand name & goodwill bequeathed to him by his Grandfather. The company retains the same World renowned quality and perfection in all their products and services.

The crew

S.K Mehra

Deepak Mehra